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I am not alone in my obsession with tiny houses. I am 100% on board with the tiny house trend! I am in love with the creativity and ingenuity that goes into planning one of these little beauties. I’m guessing that if The Container Store got ahold of one of those tiny gems, they’d have an absolute hay day. Can you imagine? What I’m attempting to say is that every, single inch of a tiny home must be thought out to the nth degree. Furniture must fit just right. Things must be multi-functional. Everything has to bend and fit perfectly together. It’s like Origami, but in house form! It’s like magic and I want to play the part of the magician, in the worst way! 

Could I live in a tiny house full time? Realistically, that question’s still up for debate.  Whether or not I could actually turn my belongings into something akin to clowns in a circus car, remains a mystery. The fact remains that I have a longing to design and build a tiny home. This desire, has led to a certain… almost OCD level of research, on my part. The best part about my research journey is that I have run across an incredible number of INSANELY GORGEOUS tiny homes. If I could create a tiny home that was even in the same ballpark of these homes, I can pretty much guarantee you that I would deal with the space issue (with a smile on my face). The designers and builders of these homes are incredibly talented and it would be almost wrong if I didn’t share their masterpieces with the world. I hope you enjoy drooling over these homes as much as I have!

The Waterhaus by Greenpod Development – 450sqft

The Waterhaus by Greenpod Development
As a part of Greenpod’s “Art We Live In Program”, the Waterhaus does not disappoint. This home is exquisite in every way, from the thoughtful design, which pays great attention to even the smallest of details, such as second function furniture stacking tables and a disappearing bed. As though I didn’t love them enough for their amazing design, these guys get more brownie points for using reclaimed and recycled goods for their homes.

The Salish by Westcoast Homes – 400sqft

The Salish, by Westcoast Homes, is one of my abosolute favorite tiny homes. Their use of large windows throughout the home, bring in beautiful natural light, making the home feel so much larger than 400sqft. Everything in this home screams for me to come in, curl up on the couch with a glass of wine and just soak in my surroundings.

Salish Tiny Home

Salish Tiny Home

Tiny Heirloom Blog

When I ran across this home on the Tiny Heirloom Blog, I had to pick my jaw up off of of the floor. Seriously? The interior of this home is absolutely… insanely… gorgeous. I am so in love with everything, the decor, the wood accents and floors. Their use of dark wood tones, paired with brilliant white, creates a clean and comfortable vibe. The skylight, in the bedroom, is one of those dream features, you envisioned as a child. I’m not sure I’d be able to even sleep…. I’d just look up at the stars for hours…The kitchen area is beyond amazing..The fixtures and lighting though… ahhh! I am obsessed! They have managed to add in just the right level of edgy detail, without going over the top. This is a really difficult balancing act to master, but they’ve managed to execute it perfectly!

Tiny Home from Tiny Heirloom - Kitchen
Tiny House - Tiny Heirlooms - Bedroom

That’s a wrap for now! I hope you’ve enjoyed these incredible homes as much as I did!

Enjoy! Love, Jeanne!

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