DIY Stamped Spoon Garden Markers
Hey everyone! This past weekend, I decided to venture even further down the “garden path” and in true jewelry designer style, I wanted to “adorn” my plants in some way. I’ve been checking out different ideas for creating a garden markers DIY project. I had to find some way to “creatively” mark my herbs, veggies and fruits in my new garden. In my opinion, those dinky little plastic markers they send home with the plants are equivalent to the plastic or metal hangers sent home with your clothes from the cleaners. They serve their purpose initially, but I toss them (or in the case of metal hangers, repurpose them) the first chance I get. Anyway, after some research, I decided that I liked the idea of stamping vintage (or in this case, Goodwill) silverware to use as my “garden jewelry.” Give me a break! I am a jewelry designer after all… Now, the “text book method” for this garden markers DIY was to first stamp the metal and then oxidize it, using an oxidizing solution. I work with oxidizing solution on a regular basis in my jewelry business and honestly, I hate how toxic it is and can’t stand the fumes the solution creates. Thus in my garden markers DIY, I opted for an easier, less toxic way of achieving the same look and feel, using a black permanent marker.I’m really happy with how these simple garden markers have added personality to my new garden boxes! I hope you enjoy this easy stamped garden markers DIY project as much as I did!

Materials & Tools List DIY Stamped Garden Marker


DIY Stamped Garden Marker - Step 2


diy stamped spoon garden marker - step 3


DIY Stamped Spoon Garden Marker - Final Step



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