I am so inspired by all of the sources for home decorating ideas on the web today. Color Schemes are an important part of my creating process, so I look for inspiration in everything from my daily activities to beautiful stores I browse through and everywhere in between. I swear that beautiful color and shape can be found practically everywhere you look.. if you only take the time to pay attention, which I try to do (notice the key word there is “try”… hey… I’m not perfect, y’all!). Today, was a rainy day here in Austin, so I felt inspired by the cloud tone palette from Design Seeds. Contrary to popular believe and the song lyrics, rainy days and Mondays… don’t bring me down at all. I love the rain. It means new life… new beauty… and a new palette to create from and this palette of deep peacock greens and blues, melded with tones of gray and sand is both tranquil and reviving. In this mood board, I found inspiration in the room styling of west elm and gorgeous décor accents from anthropologie & Target. I hope you feel as refreshed as I did after looking at this invigorating palette!

color inspiration - cloud tones

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