I can’t believe it’s that time again…. The season of Peeps is upon us! Don’t act like you don’t know what I speak of… Peeps are one of life’s guilty pleasures. I remember when they were only available at Easter time. I can’t even begin to explain the joy that overcomes me when  Peep season nears… Ok.. I know, I know… Peeps are not the reason for the season (but, they are a huge bonus!).

It’s become Easter tradition for my family to head to the club for Easter Brunch and… to watch all of the kiddos scramble for eggs in the giant egg dump. Yes, you heard correctly.. a giant egg dump. While the older kids are hunting eggs out on the lawn, the 1-3 year olds (which we don’t have, but we love to watch) engage in hand to hand combat for candy. This is how it goes down…. The parents all stand behind their respective children, anxiously awaiting the perfect moment to take adorable photos of their children during the egg dump. Their children are perfectly poised to see what’s going to happen next. An appointed person walks out with a giant net filled with eggs and drops them, eggs spilling out everywhere. Then…. ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE! It’s as though all of a sudden these darling, perfectly mannered children are possessed. Arms flail as they break loose and dive into the eggs. The ones that remain sweet and dainty are knocked ass over tea kettle as a swarm of possessed, sugar ravenous, babies make their way to their treasured candy… And, that is what makes watching the egg dump so much fun. Don’t act like you haven’t seen something similar before… When sugar is involved, kids get real…. Anyway, for the topic at hand, finding something to wear to the Easter brawl… ahem… I mean brunch. I am thinking of bucking the pastel trend this Easter and going for the “Easter Brights”… I’m thinking raspberry! What do you think?

Easter Brights


Purple waist belt

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics blush

Urban Posh


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