DIY Raised Garden Beds
Spring has officially sprung here in beautiful Austin, Texas! Oceans of Bluebonnets and wildflowers have sprouted up along the roadsides, making for some spectacular splashes of color. Speaking of sprouting, I have always dreamed of having my own backyard DIY raised garden beds (or a garden, period), where I could simply walk a few feet to pick my herbs, veggies and fruits. I know… I know… I sound a tad lazy with my wanting to walk into my back yard instead of going to the local grocery store, but come on….How many times have you wanted to make a dish, but didn’t have the herbs that the recipe called for? That’s what I thought…. ME TOO!

Gardening is a challenge for me… I mean a BIG challenge. I say that because I tend to over or under love my plants to death. I’m not kidding you when I say this, but I have managed to kill cacti… You know… the plant that can live in Death Valley? Yep… I can kill it. However, now that I have a backyard, a saw AND…. since Aaron has a “green thumb” and can help guide me in the ways of keeping plants alive (note… guide… meaning that hopefully, he can keep me from unintentionally killing them), I decided to take the first step. I built my first DIY raised garden beds. These aren’t just any raised beds though… these babies are yard art! Yep… yard art…. even if I kill my plants… they will still be… art. 🙂 So, whether or not you have a green thumb, I encourage you to try this gardening thing out with me! Take the first step and just make these gorgeous DIY raised garden beds… If you build it they will grow (hopefully)!

Tools Needed for DIY Raised Garden Box

tool list for diy raised garden boxPictures of Materials Needed for DIY Raised GardenMaterial Purchase List for DIY Raised Garden Boxmaterial cut list for diy raised garden boxPrep to build your raised garden bedassembling the diy raised garden bedmaking the basic box for diy raised gardenadd frame and supports diy raised gardenPhotos of completed diy raised garden box

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