DIY Personalized Cocktail Napkins
I don’t know about you, but I love the nautical theme that pops up this time of year in stores, as if to announce the beginning of what I like to call “lake season.” (because Austin doesn’t have a beach… its the closest thing… that counts, right?) While I can’t claim to live near the beach these days, I did grow up spending my summers in Southern California, while visiting my dad. Nautical décor always brings up memories of my childhood, of building sandcastles, swimming in the ocean… memories of days gone by, when the world seemed like a magical place where every dream was within reach and the only care in the world was if I could build an indestructalbe sand castle before the tide rolled in. I remember watching the water creep closer and closer to my sand fortress, washing it away a grain at a time, until nothing remained at all. Those days seemed to last forever…. It’s funny, but working outside a couple of days ago, I heard some seagulls that seemed to have lost their way. We don’t have seagulls in Austin….. I have to admit it was a welcomed sound and if I concentrated hard enough, I could almost… almost hear the waves and smell the salt air. I guess you could say that anything that reminds me of the ocean is a bit nostalgic, which is why I welcome all trends beachy and nautical. One day I was walking through my local Anthropologie and came across these gorgeous little linen cocktail napkins with blanket stitching detail on the edges. I absolutely fell in love with them. What I was NOT in love with was the price, a whopping $28.00 (granted, this was for dinner napkins and not cocktail napkins… still though, really?)! I had some linen fabric left over from one of my New York trade show exhibits, so I decided to try and create my own DIY personalized cocktail napkins. I added a special touch to my version, a cute little anchor. Of course, when I decided that I wanted to make these napkins, I was no where near a sewing machine, so I just did the entire thing by hand (it was easy and still came out great)! I love the final results and can’t wait to show them off to my friends (cocktail included, of course… because, who needs personalized cocktail napkins if they aren’t also enjoying a cocktail?). The thing that makes these cocktail napkins extra special is that when you’re finished crafting them, you will have your very own, personalized cocktail napkins… and yours will be like no others!This is a great “gateway” sewing project if you’re new to it! It’s really easy… I promise!


Make your own Linen Cocktail Napkin


DIY Linen Cocktail Napkin Instructions

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