When it comes to interiors, my tastes tend to be all over the map. I grew up in the world of Interior Design, as my mom was an amazing Interior Designer for over 23 years. I learned so much from her throughout my years of “assisting” her on jobs… and by assist, I mean looking through countless fabric samples and paint decks; all the while pleading to leave and do something “fun.” These days, I am so thankful for everything she’s taught me thus far. She exposed me to the wonderful world of color and patterns… allowing me to follow my own intuition when it came to combining the two, even if my tastes differed from hers. I can’t express how very thankful I am that she fostered my creativity.. she still does.

Now, back to what’s inspiring me now… I am head over heels in love with the melding of modern and rustic, creating the perfect union of what I like to call “Industrial Farmhouse”.. I believe in most circles, it’s referred to as “Modern Farmhouse.” I suppose they are close to one and the same. In this post, I wanted to focus on what I believe to be the heart of the home, the kitchen. In most homes, it’s where we gather to share; whether it be stories from the day or a wonderful meal. The kitchen seems to be where everyone congregates to chat.. even when no food is present at all. This is why it is SO important that the kitchen is an inviting place. I can’t think of a design trend that is more inviting or welcoming.

Check out these 5 drool worthy modern farmhouse kitchens that I am lusting over right now!

1. Toronto Farmhouse Kitchen: This kitchen, located in Toronto, Canada, has the perfect combination of industrial and rustic touches. I love the clean, modern feel of the white herringbone tile backsplash, industrial lighting and stainless appliances and fixtures. The traditional wood flooring, paired with shaker style cabinetry, gives this kitchen a comfortable feel. My favorite touch is the island, accented with reclaimed barn wood and a crisp white and light grey granite top, marrying the looks together in perfect harmony.


2. Swanson Farmhouse Kitchen-Boston,MA:  I adore everything about this kitchen, from the subway tile to the cabinetry and the lighting. The open concept plan is amazing, especially in combination with all of the natural light. One of my favorite elements in this Boston kitchen is the built in butcher block at the end of the island; adding both visual appeal and function!


3. North Framingham, MA. – Farmhouse Kitchen: When I think of farmhouse kitchens, this is a picture perfect rendition of what comes to mind for me. The extra touches on this kitchen, however, bring this kitchen from simple farmhouse to fab industrial farmhouse. There are two elements that make this kitchen EXTRA drool worthy in my book… The first, is the AMAZING skylight! There are no words for how much I adore skylights, especially in small spaces. Anytime you let natural light in, you automatically open up the space, making an area that is small in square footage feel large and roomy. The second element I love may surprise you… I love, love, love the picture windows. Not only do I love the picture windows because…. well, I always tend to love the design element itself, but I think the black of these windows pops when placed up against all of the lighter elements in this kitchen, giving them extra appeal.

4. Bridgeport, CT. – Farmhouse Kitchen: There are so many gorgeous details in this Bridgeport kitchen, that it’s difficult to focus on the few that I think give the design extra appeal, but here goes. For one, like many of the designs that I am in love with, it has LOTS of natural light. I can’t stand a dingy, dank home, so the more windows, the better! I really like the contrast between the white framed windows and the heavy black framed picture door; adding a subtle depth to the entry. I also love the “border” of rustic looking wood along the top of the kitchen (I don’t dare call it wood paneling, as it would cause some to run in fear of a 70’s flashback) AND the designer’s added touch of this rustic wood on the island, marrying the two for a consistent look and feel. The industrial lighting is almost art in this room, popping against the whites, and again.. when combined with the cabinet hardware and stainless appliances, it is almost seamless in its elegance. This kitchen is stunning!


5. Hilltop House – Portland, OR: Ok…. I just need to say.. I WANT this kitchen! You’ve probably noticed that all of my drool worthy kitchens before this one were very light in color and I tend to be more drawn to that feel in general, but this kitchen is absolutely, positively GORGEOUS! Everything about this kitchen is inviting, from the reclaimed wood accents on the island to the hand scraped wood floors, to the fabulous lighting! I love how the counter top of the island adds a splash of bright white to the warmth of the woods and the added artistic elements, like the chalkboards and frosted glass cabinet faces. If I were to hang out in one room… I’d have to say, this is the one I’d probably pick. I just want to kick back with a cup of joe and relax in that space…. Well done….

2 Comments on 5 Drool Worthy Modern Farmhouse Kitchens

  1. Jennifer
    April 29, 2014 at 6:23 pm (4 years ago)

    The fifth one is my favorite too!

    • jeanne@urbanposh.com
      April 30, 2014 at 9:45 pm (4 years ago)

      I know! It’s SO cozy and inviting, isn’t it?


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