Finally, the weather is warmer (but, not scorching hot yet) here in Austin, and I can’t wait to enjoy our backyard. Recently, I’ve been looking at unique ideas for outdoor lighting. The right lighting can transform your backyard into a twinkling wonderland at night. I want to create the perfect ambiance for backyard dining and relaxing, but with so many amazing options, I have a big problem… picking one! Here are 8 unique outdoor lighting ideas I’ve been inspired by thus far!

1.  Succulent Chandelier :

I love the idea of combining the green of the succulents with lights for a look that’s clean and fresh… This succulent chandelier I found on Erin Ever After, is fabulous. I can totally see hanging it over our patio table as “living art.” The best part? She’s included a DIY tutorial on her site!

diy succulent outdoor light


2.  Seashell String Lights

These seashell string lights add a beachy feel to the backyard, but at the same time, I love how organic they look. I can imaginge my next vacation as I sit underneath a canopy of glistening shells. Of course, this inspiration comes from the genius of creating the perfect ambiance, Martha, and of course, it’s also a fab diy project!

seashell outdoor lights


3.  Moroccan Inspired Lighting

Moroccan inspired lighting is positively enchanting as beams of patterns of light are cast onto their surroundings, creating a feeling that’s as enlivening as it is relaxing. I can picture sipping a glass of wine, listening to music and every worry melting away as I sit underneath a canopy of trees interspersed with these Moroccan inspired lanterns I found on Casa Sugar.

moroccan inspired lights














4. Cheese Grater Luminaries

Keeping with the theme of light play, these unique cheese graters from Re-Found Objects, are a wonderful idea for an “industrial farmhouse” feel. These seem like they could meld effortlessly with a number of looks. Love these!

cheese grater outdoor lights










5. Grapevine Chandeliers

I adore the look of these DIY Grapevine Chandeliers that I found on All Things Heart and Home. I imagine these would give an outdoor dining table a romantic feeling, almost as though you were having dinner in the countryside. I can also see using these as the focal point, but then integrating smaller lighting features throughout the rest of the back yard.

DIY outdoor chandelier














6. Umbrella String Lights

Ok… so I realize this may not be an idea that will work in our backyard, but it was simply too cute not to include in this post. “If” I had say an open courtyard, I would totally make this genius idea from By Mildred happen. This sort of reminds me of something you’d find in Neverland….. and you’re never too old for a good bedtime story…

Umbrella Patio Lights












7. DIY Mini Fabric Lamps

Let me say first and foremost that being from a long time background in the fashion industry, I am a fabric whore. Yes… you heard correctly, I am a fabric whore. I LOVE the versatility of different fabrics; different textures, colors, patterns… I love it all! Now that my obsession with fabric is out in the open…. I would just like to say that the idea of being able to turn string lights into my own little patterned wonderland of color is an idea that is almost too good to be true. Big kudos to Taylor Made or making my fabric obsession… well… more of an obsession I guess…. This idea is both beautiful and unique.

diy mini fabric lamps

8. Solar Lights in a Chandelier

Ok.. I would like to say… “Why didn’t I think of this?”.. Well, I didn’t, but thankfully, someone did. I found this awesome idea for using solar lights in a chandelier on How amazing would it be to hang a chandelier in an area that had no electrical outlets? I think I need to use this idea and pronto! It’s not that I don’t have access to outlets, but think… no cords… the possibilities are endless!

outdoor solar lights in a chandelier


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